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Citryn’s Graphic Design Team has over 10,000 man-hours of design in Adobe software across over 1,500 projects, designing Logos, Business Cards, Brochures, Apparel, Billboards, Video Backdrops, and more.

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Graphic design is one way for firms to interact with their clients. It is possible to utilize design to market and sell goods, spread a message, or create a distinctive brand identity. Graphic designers blend art and business; therefore, the creative process is influenced by business objectives, even though some design work has a commercial aim.

The art and practice of designing and projecting concepts and experiences with textual and visual information are how graphic design is described. In other words, graphic design employs visuals to communicate particular ideas or concepts. These pictures could be as simple as a business logo or as complex as website designs. The graphic may be utilized by businesses to market and sell their goods, by websites to show complicated information in an understandable way, and by corporations to establish their brand. Designers must be able to address issues or difficulties with visual communication. To do this, the designer must first establish the communication problem, collect and examine information about the problem, and then come up with alternative solutions. Visual optimizer effectiveness or failure can be assessed using incremental development and user testing.

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Full Design Studio.

When hiring Citryn’s design team to create your next logo, brochure, flyer, banner, or any other collateral, you will receive a thorough brand kit that is designed specifically for your business. Citryn’s Graphic Design Bakersfield, CA, produces aesthetically arresting and effective designs where elements are combined or in opposition to one another.

These visual components consist of:








Concepts Citryn uses for Graphic Design.

The concepts of design, which are essentially a collection of rules that assist a design in achieving good composition, are also followed by graphic designers. These fundamental ideas have an impact on the stiffness and balance of the final product. These guidelines of Graphic Design Bakersfield, CA, consist of:













Our Process


An initial meeting will be scheduled to discover your goals and objectives for growing your business. While also discussing possibilities that your business could expect in the near future.


Our team will present you with a customized strategic road map outlining all routes to ensure that together we achieve success. We will clearly quantify specific details for strategy, implementation, and costs.


Our team will onboard your business across every platform needed to ensure a successful partnership. We will work closely with you to determine what success means for you, develop clarity on your target audience, and identify your competitors.


The long-haul work now begins as we continue to grow your business through digital channels. Our team will establish your marketing goals and develop trust through open communication with all members of your marketing team.