Answering & Text Software

Businesses can use an all-in-one customer experience & review software to transform and enhance the customer experience.

Customer communication and engagement process is broken!

Let’s look at a few issues that stunt a business’s growth.

No Real Communication

Offices are managed by one person (office manager). A manager might not always be near a phone or computer. The customer might only talk to the office when making an appointment or for insurance, then never again.

Without communication, it leads to loss of revenue, delays, inefficiencies, and a broken customer experience.

No Feedback

No direct insight into what is working well and what needs further improvement in the way care is delivered.

Without feedback, it leads to a lack of growth. Your business is not able to hear good and bad feedback.

No Reputation Management

It’s important to bridge the gap between how your company perceives itself and how others view it. Ensuring new reviews are constantly received and responded to is essential.

Without reputation management, it leads to a lack of new opportunities and insight into increasing brand awareness.

Our Software Enables Your Business to Digitize and Automate Every Touch Point in Your Patients’ Journey!

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2-way text messaging

Every text is an opportunity. Our software allows your team to interact with customers wherever they are: by phone, text, or chat. Automate customer engagement. Schedule appointments, reminders, surveys, reviews, and more!

Patient Reminders/Confirmations

Reduce no shows. Automatically send a two-way text message reminder to the patients that are scheduled for an appointment. Businesses can also work to fill that canceled appointment with a customer that was already scheduled.

Better Patient Experience


Businesses can use an all-in-one customer experience & review software to transform and enhance the customer experience.


Allow customers to share their experience. Distribute surveys to see if your customer is satisfied with their wait time. Ask if they were satisfied with staff etiquette. Ask questions to better get to know your customers. Surveys also give patients the opportunity to express their opinion.

Increased efficiencies

Phone System

Ensure new customer calls are never missed, not even on weekends or after hours. Schedule appointments via text.

Research says practices miss over 40% of calls…leading to significant revenue losses!

Missed Calls, Webchat, and Scheduling

Users can leave a voicemail; however, our software will automatically send a text with an automated AI receptionist that can answer FAQs or any other questions your business sets up to answer.

Example: System can recognize “Book appt.,” “Schedule check up,” or “Need an appointment” as 1 basic message.

No Shows & Cancellation

Avoid no shows by sending appointment confirmation and reminder texts. You can also allow customers to reschedule or cancel ahead of time.